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  1. Marie

    Hi Claude,
    Now that I know these messages are screened, I will put the info here that I find. I’ve already given you Sunny’s name to contact at Maple Creek and I have sent an e-mail to grandma (she’s 97 and still sharp) to see if she remembers her dad talking about Will James. He was J.P. in Maple Creek about the time Will James would have been there. I will try to contact Sunny, to let him know you might look him up, but anyone in Maple Creek will know who he is. I’ve only been to the ranch once, so don’t remember where it is from Maple Creek, but the Frenchman river ran near by. Sunny’s dad Ryott Barroby, inherited the ranch from Grandpa Barroby (The movie called North West Mounted Police) was shot on the Barroby ranch. Uncle Ryott packed a six gun for most of his life and I think, only gave it up finally, when he had to go to hospital after an injury. Anyway, will see what I can find.
    Thanks for supper. I think Art enjoyed it in spite of himself!!

    • Claude Gagnon

      Hi Marie!
      Sorry to get back to you so late… I had not seen the message and didn’t even know how to reply. Now, Samuel, reorganized things, so I understand better.

      I thank you so much for the valuable information. I’m out of the country, but will be back. I will make sure to check on all your information. This is great stuff!!

      Thanks again!


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