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  1. John Hernan

    best of luck Claude – we really should meet someday – the other day i ran into Sophie Deschaumes who apparently is living not for from you! Plus we never did have our tai chi east meets west discussion – a bientôt si jamais tu es a Montréal

  2. Claude Gagnon

    Hi John… Well, I’m on the road for quite a while, but let’s stay in touch… I’ll stop moving one of these days… :-) Bon weekend! claude

  3. Hello Claude, I was so glad to come across your website and your project. I’m a Canadian Musical Theatre writer living in Toronto, and I’ve started working on a Musical based on the life of Will James that I’m working on for a Theatre here in Ontario. If possible, I’d love to chat sometime and ask you a few questions, as you seem to be a resource of information. Please let me know! All the best, Grant

    • claude gagnon

      Hi Grant!
      Sorry to get back to you so late… There are long periods of time when I forget to check my mail. I will write to your email address, just to make sure that you get the message. Simply let me know what you would like to know and please send me anything that you might have concerning Will James. Au plaisir, claude

  4. Patricia Dufault

    Salut Claude un merveilleux site que vous avez créé de Will James grand bravo a vous ,,, parlera bientôt rester en contact, mon ami prendre soin bon voyage Patricia

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